Beauty Gift Guide: Gifts For The Makeup Savvy

14 Dec

Perhaps you have someone in your life who loves makeup and has dozens and dozens of eyeshadows and lipglosses. While you think it might be easy to shop for them because they love all makeup, it might also be frustrating because it seems they have everything. Well, we’re here to help. Here are some options for the makeup queen who has it all.

Sigma Premium Professional kit with brush roll, $149:

This is a little pricey, but it contains 15 brushes and a roll that will protect the brushes. No matter how many makeup brushes someone has, they can always have more. If this is more than you want to spend, you can purchase an empty brush roll for $20 or a brush belt for $29. Sigma also sells smaller brush kits in the $50 range.

Sigma MAXbag, $29:

Sigma also offers really cute makeup bags that are large enough to fit the brush roll in. For the girl who loves to travel with a lot of her makeup products, this bag is a good option. It’s also available in purple and black, but Pants is partial to this color.

Sephora Favorites LashStash Mascara Deluxe Sampler, $40

When you find a foundation you love, you tend to stick with it. However, there’s something about mascara where most girls want to try them all! Maybe it’s all the promises of volume and length. Anyway, for the ladies who love mascara, this kit would be something fun for them to try. It also comes with a nice eyelash curler by Tarte.

These kits also come in a lip gloss version and a fragrance version. The fragrance set is fun because it has a voucher for a full-size version of  one of the perfumes from the set.

Sephora Brush Box, large, $35

So she already has 800 brushes? Get her a brush box so she can organize them! This one has three compartments so she can separate the brushes by type.

If you can’t find any of these items or are worried they won’t arrive in time, Ulta and Sephora gift cards are always a great gift idea for makeup lovers. They’ll ALWAYS find something to spend them on.


Red & Pants


One Response to “Beauty Gift Guide: Gifts For The Makeup Savvy”

  1. Alex December 16, 2010 at 10:23 pm #

    Thanks for your Post! Perfect~
    I Love mascara, Great eyelash curlers and all things Lashes.

    My favorite is the Hot Lashes heated 2 pc lash curler! You may want to read reviews on Amazon about Cult favorite Hot Lashes Makeup artist Kit..Absolute best out there~!

    They have an amazing sturdy 24K gold metal curler similiar to the Shu Uemura and Sheisdo one that comes with its own pink small heater base that heats just the pad in the curler, this way my curl lasts till the next day.

    Makes my eyes POP and Keeps my lashes curly till the next day. they have a website hotlashes…HTH~

    Major Rave, the cadillac of worth the price. My friends and I love love love this one! Best by far,,
    HTH~…:) Abundant holidays blessings..

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