Beauty Gift Guide: Gifts for a not-so-close lady

9 Dec

There is always someone that you need to buy a gift for, but you may not know very well. Maybe your boyfriend/fiance/husband has convinced you to pick out all his gifts, but you have no idea what his grandma likes. Or maybe your extended family is doing a Secret Santa exchange and you get an aunt that you only speak to once a year. Here are some picks for the ladies you don’t know so well.

Victoria’s Secret Body Mist Gift Set:

This little body mist set is just adorable. With four scents, there has to be at least one that your giftee would like.

Sephora Collection Flip Flop Pedicure Set:

How cute is this little pedicure set? I would guarantee that most ladies would love having this little set.

Philosophy Peppermint Bark Set:

This is such a perfect combination of lip gloss and body wash. Red has the lip gloss and it smells absolutely AH-mazing! It’s like having Christmas on your lips.

Bath & Body Works Small Signature Basket:

You really can’t go wrong with a gift basket. There has to be something in there they’re going to like. Bath & Body Works has several different ones to choose from. If you’re not sure what scent to pick out, why not take advantage of the store’s buy three get two lotions free offer and pick up five different scents?

Victoria’s Secret Love Spell Deluxe Gift Bag – Love Spell:

This is Pants’ favorite Secret Garden scent at Victoria’s Secret – it has a great fruity smell. AND it comes with a super cute bag. This set has lotion, shower gel and body mist, and also comes in other scents and colors.

If you’re worried about picking out the wrong thing, gift cards are always a safe bet too.


If you haven’t been checking our Facebook, Twitter or YouTube pages lately (which why on earth wouldn’t you be?!), then you probably haven’t seen our holiday tutorial was uploaded earlier this week. Red did the purple eye look that won Friday’s poll. Here it is!

Hope you enjoyed it!


Red & Pants


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