Poll results – Holiday look tutorial color / Gift Guide for Cats

6 Dec

It was close this week, but the winner of the holiday look tutorial color poll was purple! Silver finished in second place, just one vote behind purple.

Red filmed the tutorial and will be editing it soon. It should be available sometime this week. We’ll be sure to let you know when it’s on our YouTube channel!

Now we’re going to share our go-to purples.

Red: One of my favorite purple eyeshadows is Lorac’s After Party. Its a super dark shimmery violet. It’s an in-your-face purple and that’s what I love about it.

Pants: My favorite purple eyeshadow is Camisole by Lancome. It’s a shimmery lilac that’s not overpowering. It’ll work for an everyday look or you can jazz it up for a dramatic smokey eye with a darker purple shadow in the crease and a dark purple or black liner.


And to continue with our gift guide, today we’re going to feature a gift for the little furballs in our lives: our kitties! Everyone knows that their cats want to be treated like royalty, and they need to be pretty too. So why not get your kitty some Soft Paws?

That’s right, Princess Fluffy Pants and you can now have matching manicures and pedicures! Soft Paws are glued onto kitty’s nails and are meant to prevent them from scratching and ruining furniture. And they’re also super fashionable. They are available in a variety of colors, and we know a a buff-colored furball who would look fab in the gold glittery set and a little grey-bunny-tailed kitty who needs the silver glitter set! They also come in clear (top row, middle) for the boys. The website is super informative, and even has a video to show how to apply them.

Many vets will apply these if you’re worried that you may not be able to. Our vet friend Dr. Shanny-the-What-Guts said that her clinic charges $30 for application. So if kitty is scratching up furniture, this is a way better alternative to declawing. And they’re way cuter than having your cat’s knuckles amputated, right?


Red & Pants


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