Let’s Give Thanks

23 Nov

It’s that time of year where we take a moment to pause and reflect on and think about everything we are thankful for. We Glimmer & Shimmer girls would like to take the time to do the same… about makeup of course!

Red: The things in my makeup bag that I’m most thankful for are things that I cannot stop using at this point in time. I have been using these items EVERY day.

Pop Beauty Goddess Palette: Pants got me this little palette of amazingness for my birthday. I have not been able to go a day since receiving it without using something from it. The eye shadows are so pretty and are so easy to use together or alone. It doesn’t hurt that they are so sparkly and pretty either.  The lip gloss is a perfect peachy nude shade. You can easily wear it over another lip gloss or lipstick or by itself is fine too.  I love the blush and highlighter in the palette too. I think the color is so flattering and pretty.   Needless to say, I love love LOVE this palette.

Urban Decay’s Naked Palette: I would be crazy if I wasn’t thankful for this palette. It’s another perfect palette. It makes packing for travel so easy. The combination of neutral matte and shimmery shades are perfect. It also is lovely that it comes with two liners. The amount of gorgeous looks you can create with this palette are endless.  If you don’t have this palette yet, it would be a good one to ask Santa to bring you.

MAC Painter Pot in Painterly: I never used a primer until fairly recently. This little primer totally changed my life. It really helps your eye makeup stay put all day long. I also think it helps a little with fall out. Now I can’t not use it. I must prime my eyes before applying any eye makeup.

Pants: Like Red, I’m going to try to stick to things I’ve been using every day or use most often. Obviously the Naked Palette is on my list as well, but I’ll skip it since she’s already covered it.

Tarina Tarantino Sparklicity Palette: I’ve been wearing this for a natural eye look almost every weekday. It gives a natural look, with just a hint of color and a little glitter. I love to wear the gold glitter (located on the top) over the browns in the middle and left side. The pink glitter is good for highlighting and I use the dark brown as a highlighter. Also, the case is super cute, and it’ll make packing to go to my parents’ house this week a lot easier – I’ve got an entire eye look in one palette.

MAC Eye Brows in Lingering: On “What Not to Wear,” Carmindy always talks about the importance of eyebrows and how they’re the gateway to the eye or something equally as cheesy. A nice eyebrow really does make a difference. I don’t want to pluck mine because I’m terrified of over plucking, so using this eyebrow pencil to fill mine in to give them a more defined shape has definitely helped. I’ve used this every day since I bought it in September. The girl working at the MAC counter helped me pick my color, and I’m really happy with it.

Urban Decay Primer Potion: Over a year ago I received a sample of Urban Decay’s Primer Potion in Sin and fell in love. It was sparkly and it helped my eyeshadow stay on all day without creasing. Since then, I’ve tried the original color (invisible) and Eden (matte nude) and I love them all. It’s something that you think won’t make a difference and is just being sold to suckers that believe anything, but it really works. I just wish they would sell Greed (gold) separately because I would love to try it.


What makeup are you thankful for?


Red & Pants


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