Poll Results-When Did You Start Wearing Makeup?

22 Nov

The poll results are in and it was a mixed bag. On Friday we asked when you were allowed to start wearing makeup. There were a couple of votes for “whenever I wanted’….LUCKY!  There were also a few votes for 12, 13, and 15.

Red: I mentioned before that I wasn’t allowed to wear makeup up until way late in the game by and that it ruined. My. Life. I think, especially in the teenage years, that feeling good about your outer appearance is of extreme importance. It helps with self esteem and confidence, which I had little to none of either largely because of the way I felt about my appearance.

I now have a daughter and it is something that I have already thought about. I want my daughter to be confident and feel good about herself.  When she asks to wear makeup we will take baby steps. I’d like her to start with one or two items and then gradually add things as she gets older. I want her to look her age and not older.  Of course I’m excited to share all my tips and tricks when she gets old enough to wear makeup. Please do not get me wrong, I’m not rushing my daughter to grow up in any way. I’m enjoying every day of her baby goodness right now.

Pants: I don’t know if my mom really had a certain age in mind that she would allow me to start wearing makeup. I just kind of start playing around with it in middle school, and she let me get what I wanted. Maybe because she always wanted me to stop trying to big like me big brothers and be girlier. I was never a tomboy, but I didn’t wear dresses or skirts unless it was required.

I think I stayed away from makeup because I was lazy and wanted to sleep in as long as I could, plus the fact that I thought I looked like a clown with it on. I started wearing it everyday after I started getting a lot of compliments when I wore it. So, yeah, maybe that was a superficial reason, but I’ve really gotten into it and have a lot of fun with it. I’ve always loved all the different colors you can choose from and how you can play around with them.

When I grow up (because I don’t like to admit I’m an adult) and get married and have a million babies, if some of those are girls, I think I’ll take the same approach as Steph or my mom. Let her play around, try to help her pick out the right colors, but start slowly. If she wants my help, I’m there, but if not I’m not going to force it. I think the worst thing you can do is tell a kid that they can’t do something until they’re a certain age – you need to base stuff like that on the individual child.


If you have a sassy little girl in your life, there are some fun makeup options for her too! Why not look into some felt or crocheted makeup sets on Etsy? We fund this super cute pattern from GulfCoastCottagePDF (love the cupcake bag!), but there are also some premade ones available from other sellers.

Or why not get your little lady her own vanity? We know several sassy little girls who could use one of these.

When do you think is the right time to let girls start wearing makeup? Would you do things differntly from your parents?


Red & Pants


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