Poll Results – Halloween costumes / Beauty Apps

1 Nov

A whopping three people voted in last week’s poll, which asked what type of Halloween costume you were wearing this year. Funny came in first with two votes, followed in second place by sexy/slutty with one vote.

If you, dear readers, have any great ideas for a Friday poll question, please let us know! They can’t all be winners, but we’d like to start seeing more votes each week.

A little update on our costumes – Pants’ Flo costume won second place this weekend in a costume contest at a friend’s party. She lost to the BP Oil Spill. Womp womp!


For those of you with iPhones, we thought it might be fun to discuss some different beauty apps.

Lancome Virtual Palette

This app includes the following sections: What’s New, Make-up Tips, Create Your Style, Your Looks, Products Must Have (this is not a type on our part – that’s what it’s called), Diagnoscils and Video Tips by Michelle Phan.

Obviously, What’s New lists the newest products and seems to also list new videos on the app. Make-up tips has a few videos on how to use the products. The videos are from YouTube, so it’s not like you’re getting anything exclusive there. Same with the Michelle Phan tips – all are on YouTube.Products Must Have seems to just actually be a list of all their newest products.

Diagnoscils Expert asks you eye shape, if your lashes are a) full or b) not full enough; a) long or b) not long enough; a) curled or b) not curled enough; a) supple, easy to make-up or b) not supple enough, not easy to make-up, then recommends one of their mascaras. You’d be better off reading what each mascara promises and choosing on your own.

Probably the most interesting part of the app is the Create Your Style section. This allows you to put makeup on a white drawing of a face to see how the colors in a collection work together. It’s kind of fun, but also pointless  – the makeup isn’t going to look anything like that in real life. There’s also an option to save your creation under the Your Looks section. No matter how many colors they may add, this will get old fast.

Overall, the Lancome app is pretty boring, but at has several things to offer.

Stila Get The Look

The Stila app shows several looks created with the Color Wheel Eye Shadow Palette. When you start, it asks what your complexion is, and then shows several looks on a model that will compliment your chosen complexion. When you chose a look, it will tell you what makeup is used on the eyes, lips and cheeks, and then will allow you to add those items to your shopping list.

There’s also an option to share a look with a friend on Facebook and Twitter and to find a store that carries Stila.

There’s really not too much interaction with this app, but the looks are cute, and it’s nice to see different ways to use that huge eyeshadow palette. Even if you don’t have the Stila Color Wheel, the looks can definitely give you some inspiration.

Pro Makeup

This is a waste, waste, waste, waste, waste. If you have YouTube on your phone, which all iPhones have, there is no reason for this app at all. Pants downloaded it because Emily of Beauty Broadcast was the app icon, and her videos are featured on the app. However, we’re not even sure she’s aware that this app has all her videos available on it – it lists her as Emily Noel, which is her YouTube name, but she goes by Beauty Broadcast or Emily Eddington. The other companies/artists/gurus – e.l.f. Cosmetics, Oxford Jasmine, Pixiwoo and gossMakeUpArtist have previews offered, but when you press download, the app tries to charge you for it. Eff that noise. Why should we pay for videos we can find FREE on YouTube?

Sephora Beauty to Go

This is a really handy app – you can quickly get to your shopping list, find out your beauty insider points, search makeup and reviews, locate a store, all kinds of fun things. Yes, you can do this from Sephora’s website, but it’s much quicker with this app.

Today’s Obsession is a fun feature that lists one of the site’s top products each day with a reason why the staff loves it. It’s definitely a good way to be introduced to new products.

One annoying thing is that you have to keep signing in, and even after you’ve signed in, you have to do it again to view your own gift registry.

Have any great beauty apps you love? Share them with us in the comment section!


Red & Pants


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