Last minute Halloween costume ideas

28 Oct

If you’re sick of Halloween posts, you’re in luck – this is the last one!

Some of you may still not have a Halloween costume picked out. If that’s the case then tsk tsk tsk! But don’t worry, we have some last minute ideas that may be of some use to you.

Various Celebrity – Pick someone who has hair similar to yours, then put on large sunglasses, baggy shirt, sweatpants and a pair of Ugg boots. Makeup can be minimal or heavy, depending on who you are. A Starbucks cup is a good prop. If your sweatpants say “Juicy” or “Pink” on the butt, then you should go as a “Sorority Girl.” Lots of bronzer is a must for that look.

She’s just bein’ Miley.

Cat/Zebra/Leopard/Bunny/Ladybug/Bumble Bee – Surely you have some solid or animal print clothes – check out your local Target/Kmart/Walmart or Claires to see what kind of ears are available. You don’t have to be a “sexy cat” – instead of wearing a short skin tight dress, why not try a pair of black jeans/pants with some cute shoes and a cute black top. Obviously, you would wear a cat eye look and use some eyeliner for your nose and whiskers.

Vampire – Of course, we mean Twilight vampires. All you need for this is some sparkles. Alice Cullen was quite fashionable, so wear your cutest outfit and cover yourself in some glitter. Also, if you’re not naturally ghostly pale like us G&S girls, find some inexpensive foundation that’s lighter than your skin tone to give you that undead look.

Goddess– Who wouldn’t want to be a goddess? It’s super simple to drape white sheets around you for a toga. You could even use a bold pop of color such as teal for your toga instead of white. You may even have a flowy drapey dress hanging around that you could use. Accessorize your toga with strappy sandals, gold bangles, gold belt or rope, a gold or olive leaf headband. For your makeup this is definitely a time for body shimmer. Use a lot of shimmer on your face and stick with gold tones on the eyes.

Care Bear– So, we know what you are thinking, a care bear, how on earth is that easy? If you have a solid color sweat suit lying around that is all you really need. You can print a belly scene out on your computer and just tape it to your belly.  If you are feeling adventurous, you can add ears or a tail. Throw on some matching gloves for paws.

Have you decided on a costume yet? Tell us what it is!


Red & Pants

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