Discountin’ and Exercisin’

26 Oct

This past weekend we Glimmer Shimmer girls got to attend a fantabulous Halloween Party. We of course had a blast! We wanted to share our costumes and makeup with you.


I went as a super rad extreme 80’s exerciser, or better yet jazzerciser! I don’t know what my bangs are doing in that picture and I apologize for their misbehavin’. I actually had a lot of fun with this costume. I found my shorts at Target on clearance for $2. My shirt was from Goodwill for $1. I took some scissors to it for major 80’s action. I think my socks were actually soccer socks, but they were an obnoxiously loud purple and I couldn’t pass them up.

For my makeup, I chose very bubble gummy and intense colors. I went straight to my Urban Decay Book of Shadows Volume III for some intense purple action.  I used a mix of Bordello, Rockstar, and Last Call on my eyes.  I loved how purpley and awesome they looked. I used Dolly Mix by MAC on the apples of my cheeks for a very pink flush.  I went super frosty and glossy on the lips. I chose Too Faced Lip Bronzer in Pink Leopard. It smells sweet and very cake like by the way, which I think is so 80’s.


Discount! That’s right, over a month ago I decided I wanted to go as Flo, the Progressive Insurance girl. I like to start planning early so that if I have to order pieces I can or so that I have time to look around for cheap items because in some cases they won’t be worn after Halloween.

For my clothes I wore a light gray pair of pants that I got at the Gap years ago because I didn’t want to buy white pants since I would never, ever, ever, ever wear them again. I also already owned the watch, navy blue Chucks and Bump It. The white polo I got on clearance at Old Navy for like $8, and the headband came in a pack of three at Walmart for a couple dollars. The apron was about $6 at Michaels, which is also where I bought the blank button for under $2. Progessive actually has a page where you can print off the logos in case you want to be Flo for Halloween. Luckily, I already owned iron on printer paper for the apron.

As for my makeup, I didn’t wear Flo’s official Lady Bug by Mac. I wore Kat Von D Painted Love Lipstick in Adora on my lips, which is kind of a metallic, bright red. It stayed on most of the night, but I think maybe I should have worn some liner under it. For eyes, I wanted to stay true to Flo and do black liner on the top lids only, and wing it out a little. For some reason, I have a really hard time winging out eyeliner, but I actually did a decent job and I think I may have learned the secret! I used Buxom Lashliner in Leatherette, and applied it with an angled brush. I couldn’t really tell if Flo has any other eye makeup on, so I also used Buxom Stay-There Eye Shadow in Mutt to give a little bit of sparkle. This is probably the look that I’ll keep for the party I’m going to this weekend.

Share your fun Halloween costumes with us in the comments!


Red & Pants


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