Zombie With a Side of Dead Wife

20 Oct

This weekend Red performed in a local dance production of Halloween themed short stories.  In the production there were zombies and dead wives.  We want to share some costuming tips from this production with you for Halloween.


Making zombie costumes is super simple.  Take whatever you want to wear and rip it to shreds. Then take some black paint and fake blood to splash across your ripped clothing. For the production there was a business exec zombie, sports zombie, baby zombie, rocker zombie, prom zombie and nerd zombie. Use your imagination!!!

Zombie makeup is super easy to apply as well. We used oil based pots of white and dark brown and applied them with makeup sponges.  The makeup we had blended very easily. Some of kits you can get from drugstores don’t blend as well and tend to stay wet looking.  I had a quick makeup change and couldn’t go full out like some of the zombies could.  You’ll want to apply the dark brown anywhere that would be sunken in, so the tip of your nose, on the nose and underneath the eyes, right below the temples, underneath the cheek bones.  You’ll want to brush the white on the forehead, temples, cheeks, chin, lips, and down the nose.  We also brushed a little brown on the forehead above the white and on the side of the nose.  You can blend the brown and white together a little bit with some streaks.  I didn’t have my hair fixed yet in these pictures.  All of the zombies just teased out their hair all crazy like.



Dead Wife:

In the production we told the story of Bluebeard. Apparently he had many wives and killed most of them.  Red was a sister in this story and didn’t get to do any fun makeup.  The picture below is of one of the performers Anna.  Anna had a super blast with her character. I think it’s safe to say that this was one of her favorite costumes and makeup.

To recreate a dead ghostly character find an old wedding dress and rip it to shreds.  You can always find the old tacky wedding dresses at Goodwill or the Salvation Army thrift stores.  Paint them with a light wash of purple and blue.  You can take some red paint to do a stab like on Anna’s dress (Ow, my gut!).

For the makeup you’ll take the same white oil-based paint that was used for zombies and put it all over your face. Then place black eye shadow on your eye, under your eye and a tad above the eye for that real sunken look. A dark purple/reddish color was used on the lips. For your hair just tease the ever living daylights out of it.  The bigger the better!

Do you have any easy costume ideas? Tell us!


Red & Pants


2 Responses to “Zombie With a Side of Dead Wife”

  1. kh October 20, 2010 at 10:37 pm #

    If you want to do your own Dead Wife for H’ween, lounging about the dungeon, or whatever: after cutting and slashing your wedding gown, apply the paint with an air brush. “Jacquard Air Brush Color” is recommended because it doesn’t turn the fabric stiff. Blue, purple — and black — was used. The stab wounds are a bit stiffer, because regular liquid acrylic paints were used, a combination of bright red and barn red, with a bit of Textile Medium added. It was spattered, brushed, and dabbed on with a large artist’s brush. And it was a whole lot of fun to do — especially figuring out different ways the victims had been killed!

    • Red October 20, 2010 at 10:50 pm #

      Thanks for the specifics KH! Those costumes as well as all the others for the show turned out fantabulous!

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