Poll results – Makeup routine time

18 Oct

On Friday we asked how long it takes you to put your makeup on in the morning, and we ended up with a three-way tie between less than five minutes, five to ten minutes and ten to fifteen minutes. Not one single vote for more than 15 minutes – guess we don’t have any divas reading our blog – or maybe they’re just too busy to vote in our poll.

Makeup routines don’t have to take a long time. And depending on the day and situation, routines may vary.

Pants – I take about 10 minutes or so in the morning to put on makeup on most days. I used to follow the five minute face routine that I learned from Carmindy of “What Not To Wear,” but lately I’ve added some new products that have as a result added more time each morning. On days that I’m too tired or don’t feel well, I still try to at least put on tinted moisturizer because it has SPF 15 in it. On the weekends I like to have fun with my makeup, so it probably takes me over 15 minutes (that’s with me taking breaks and getting distracted).

Red The time it takes me to put makeup on varies from day to day depending upon how long my baby girl can play by herself without the mama.  I have gotten pretty efficient in applying  my makeup and it usually takes me between ten and fifteen minutes.  On days when I’m short on time I usually just do a wash of eyeshadow over my lid and don’t do all of the layering/blending of color that I typically love to do.

Since no one wants to take forever getting ready every day, here are some double duty products that can cut down your primping time.

Tinted Moisturizer with SPF – Tinted moisturizers can be a three-in-one product – coverage, moisturizer and sunscreen. Not all tinted moisturizers have an SPF in them, but here are some that are G&S approved.

Lancome Aqua Fusion Teinte

Stila Illuminating Tinted Moisturizer

Eyeshadow Primers –Primers help your eyeshadow stay on, but not all of them are nude and can be used alone for long staying color. Here are a few options:

Urban Decay Primer Potion in Greed (gold) and  Sin (shimmering pinky-beige)  – Greed is currently only available in a gift set from Sephora, but we have our fingers crossed it will be sold alone. Sin has a subtle shimmer that would work great on the lid alone or as a highlighting color.

Kat Von D High Voltage Primer in Smoky (deep gray)

Shimmer Moasaics – Shimmer Mosaics are so versatile. Their versatility really makes them great to travel with. You can brush them over your face for a little shimmer, use them as a blush, and even use the individual colors for eye shadow.

 Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick Compact

Smashbox Baked Fusion Soft Lights

Tell us what are some double duty products you use to help you save time.


 Red & Pants


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