Poll Results: Red’s Halloween Costume

11 Oct

Friday we asked our lovely, lovely readers what Red and her husband, Mr. Red, should be for Halloween. Winning by a landslide (and by that, I mean one vote) was Labryinth David Bowie and Sarah!

Pants thinks they should go as Ziggy Stardust David Bowie and Bret. Red would obviously be David Bowie because his makeup is fun, and Mr. Red has a beard like Bret.

Red’s Thoughts:

David Bowie and Sarah would be a really good costume.  The decision is still up in the air. We’ll reveal the final verdict and maybe a picture or two closer to Halloween!


We also wanted to mention that Tarina Tarantino will be on QVC Tuesday at 1 p.m Eastern, 10 a.m. Pacific. A few of her items are already available at QVC.com from her previous appearances. Tarina makes gorgeous jewelry, and is a former model/makeup artist. Her jewelry collections are  reflected in the colors of her makeup, as well as the fun cases and packaging of her products.

Tarina Tarantino’s products are offered exclusively through Sephora, and are a part of “Sephora on QVC.” We’ve decided to review the TT products we use and love to let you know why we’re so excited about this show.

Fuchsia Revolution Brush Set

Pants: I bought these brushes in February as a splurge. My mom and I had been saving up for a couple months to go to the Ross Park Mall in Pittsburgh to visit the Pandora store (another obsession). I ended up not spending nearly as much as I thought I would, so when we went to Sephora, I saw these brushes and decided I had to own them. I didn’t have any nice brushes. I had an eyeshadow brush from Avon and an angled liner brush, and that was all I used. It was time to upgrade. Honestly, brushes do make a difference when it comes to precision of eye makeup. The set includes:

  • #12 Powder Brush (synthetic) – Great for applying finishing/loose/sparkle powder. I use it for a a sparkly pressed powder, and it’s very soft and picks up the powder well.
  • #43 Pigment Eyeshadow Brush (synthetic) – Favorite. Brush. Ever. I followed an online tutorial to clean it with olive oil and ruined it. Replaced it with a eyeshadow set from QVC because it wasn’t available individually yet. It’s a nice wide brush, but the end is narrow/pointed if you want to be more precise.
  • #56 Crease Brush (natural) – I feel this is a little too big to apply color in the crease but it’s really good for blending.
  • #65 Liner Brush (synthetic) – I’ve only used this once because I prefer an angled liner brush. The bristles are stiff, and I should really give it a second try.
  • #74 Smudge Brush (natural) – This works so much better than those spongey tips that come on the eye liners. It smudges products easily without having to dig it into your skin, like those sponges. Loves it!

These brushes are all super soft and hold up well after being cleaned. I can’t recommend them enough. The pigment, liner and a new blush brush can all be purchased individually at Sephora.

Kapinki Brush

Pants: I’ve mentioned this brush before too. I got it to “complete the set,” and it surpassed my expectations. Love using it to apply blush. The short handle gives me more control, the bristles are soft and it always looks clean because it’s the same color as my blush. The bristles don’t shed or bleed.

Magic Hour Cream Shadow – Golden Shadow

ON QVC, these shadows are available with a brush (gold comes with pigment brush, purple and black come with liner brush) for $33.72, about an $8 savings.

Pants: I ordered this shadow from QVC mostly because I wanted the shadow brush that came with it because I ruined the original, as I just mentioned. However, I was very glad it came with Golden Shadow because I’ve been looking for a gold shadow forever that was metallic gold and not a metallic yellow. This is creamy, doesn’t crease and stays on all day. I usually wear this over my entire lid, but I think it would look nice as a liner with a very nude eye. These cream shadow pots are very large, I expected them to be the same size as the Buxom pots, but they’re probably double that.

Red: I ordered this shadow from Sephora. I was looking for a gold color to use as a base and I can always use a little more gold in my life.  I really like this shadow because it goes very smooth and as Pants mentioned it doesn’t crease.  I always have problems with some cream shadows creasing and looking dirty.

Magic Hour Cream Shadow – Purple Velvet

Pants: This was bought with the intentions of using it as a liner. While it works amazing as a liner, it didn’t look purple – it looked brown. However, as a shadow, it does look purple. I prefer the gold over this color, but still like it.

Fleur De Lash

QVC has a great deal on this – two tubes for $29.96, a savings of $8

Pants: Sephora offered a mini version of this as a 100-point perk in early September and I snatched it up. The brush is big, comparable to the size of the Maybelline LashBlast brushes, but it has the natural bristles instead of plastic bristles. It gives great coverage, and I can layer it and layer it without clumping or flaking. The best part is that it’s so soft. There have been several days when I’ve felt my lashes and had to check to make sure I still had on mascara because they were so soft. It adds length, and a little bit of thickness. Overall, it’s pretty impressive.

Electric Butterfly Eye Dream Hypershadow

Pants: If you’re looking for an orange shadow, this is definitely the shadow for you. It’s matte, bright and highly pigmented. I wanted an orange liner because orange is opposite of blue on the color wheel, meaning it should make blue eyes pop. And it definitely does. I love this as a liner with neutrals, and I love it as a shadow – it blends easily to tone it down. Plus, the case is super cute and easy to find in my makeup case (like all my other TT products).

Magic Hour Smudge Pen – Silk

QVC offers a set of three (Arum, Jet, Purple Velvet) for $38, a $7 savings.

Pants: I feel like I would like this product in another color, but this color doesn’t show up on my eyes at all. It gives a little bit of sparkle, but it’s almost the same color as my skin. I kept applying it over and over thinking maybe there was something wrong with it, then I applied it on my hand and saw the slight change in color. The reason I wanted it is because the color is described as peach, but it’s so very, very pale. It’ll work nice for a nude eye or maybe a slight highlight on the brow bone. It might also show up better on someone whose skin isn’t translucent like mine.


Eye Dream Hyperliner

QVC sells two sets of three of these liners for $36.48 per set, a savings of almost $15 compared to buying them individually. The sets include Amethyst Android -a royal purple shade with silver shimmer, Puppeteer -a dark brown shade with bronze shimmer and Ultraviolet – metallic almost-black plum shade OR Rockstar Love – an iridescent shimmering black, Glamorous Thief -a rich sapphire with a blue shimmer and Locket Book – a medium brown with a gold shimmer.

Red: I think this is a great liner. I have this in Ultraviolet. It’s a great dark sultry purple color.  It’s easily applied and seems to last for quite a while.

Leann: Like Red said, this applies very easily – it’s very smooth and creamy. I have it in Kanzashi, which is a turquoise with silver shimmer. It’s a super bright fun color, but definitely a weekend color. I couldn’t pull this off at work.


Also, don’t forget about our YouTube channel, Red posted a new tutorial!


Red & Pants


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