Friday Poll – What should Red be for Halloween?

8 Oct

Red has a bit of a dilemma – she doesn’t know what to be for Halloween! She and Mr. Red need some help deciding on costumes. (Don’t worry, Pants has had her costume planned for AGES.) We’ve got a few options and you can write in suggestions too. So help us decide what Red and Mr. Red should be.*

*There’s no guarantee that Red and Mr. Red will dress as the winning option. Mostly because we have friends who might write in things like “poop” over and over and over, and no one wants to be poop for Halloween.

The options are:

Katy Perry & Russell Brand

Katy Perry & Elmo

Rachel Zoe & Brad

T-rex & Triceratops

Labryinth David Bowie & Sarah


Red & Pants

One Response to “Friday Poll – What should Red be for Halloween?”


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