Poll results – What do you want from us?

4 Oct

In this week’s poll, we asked our lovely readers what they’d like to see us do with this blog. We’ve been talking about trying different things like tutorials, hauls and celebrity looks, but we wanted to know what our readers want to see.

Tutorial videos got the most votes, so it looks like we’re going to dust off the ‘ol webcams and try to figure out where we can get the best lighting in our homes. Maybe we’ll even do some Halloween looks!

Tied for second place was makeup reviews, daily looks and deals. We’ve done all these before, and will continue to do them. We might not do daily looks EVERY DAY (because honestly, who feels picture ready every day?), but we’ll probably do it every now and then.

Makeup hauls and celebrity looks were tied for last place. Hauls are super fun, so we’ll definitely keep that up, and if you see any celebrity looks that you want to recreate, ask and you shall receive!

We did have one vote in the other category for makeovers. We’ve had several volunteers who are willing to be our victims, I mean volunteers. So once we get these video things figured out, we’ll probably start on that. We even have a volunteer who wants a look for her engagement photos, yay!

And so that this post isn’t all talky talky and boring, let’s talk makeup real quick!

Tarina Tarantino has new items at Sephora right now, including individual brushes, shadow primers and this GORGEOUS eyeshadow palette called Sparklicity:

Sparkly neutrals? Yes, please! This palette is $39, but not yet available. You can sign up to be notified when it’s in stock. The great thing about Tarina’s makeup is not only is the makeup pretty, but the cases are beautiful as well. This may be one we can’t pass up!


Red & Pants


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