Storage update

28 Sep

In our last storage post, Red talked about needing a storage overhaul, and ‘ol Pants thought she was in good shape.

Then we both started watching makeup storage videos and little light bulbs were popping up everywhere.

We’ve both updated how we store our precious makeup, and we want to share what we’ve done and let you know how we like it.


I thought my Caboodle was all I needed… but then I realized I DID still have four makeup bags full in my closet. In the first was all my free samples from Sephora. (If you’ve never ordered from them before, you always get to choose three free samples with each order!) They didn’t get used since they were packed away in my linen closet.

The next bag was full of lipsticks. I don’t wear lipstick often, so I didn’t keep them with the rest of my makeup. Of course, I wore them less since they were hiding between my toilet paper and crimping iron.

Third bag was full of all the free skin care minis that have come with my tinted moisturizers and makeup remover over the last few years. I always buy when there is a special to get the free makeup bag and other junk, so those products have been adding up.

The fourth bag is my nail polishes and nail tools. I still haven’t done anything with that bag because I want a nail polish wall rack like you see at the salon. Kinda like this one, but smaller and cheaper please, thanks!

Anyway, with the assistance of one $11 Sterilite ClearView Wide Three-Drawer Unit, I was able to empty three of those bags and organize them.

Now keep in mind – I live in a smallish one-bedroom townhouse, so I don’t have a great place to keep my makeup. Here’s my setup.

As you can see, I got myself one of them there fancy light-up mirrors. This one came from Target. It’s not as good as natural light, but it works on rainy days.
So basically I’ve got most of my makeup in the Caboodle – eyeshadows, palettes, lip glosses, eyeliners, blush, blah blah blah.
Here’s the play-by-play on the new drawers:
Top drawer: brush cleaner, wash cloth for cleaning brushes, Urban Decay Book of Shadows Vol. III (too big for the Caboodle!), Tarina Tarantino brush set, various brushes, mirror, Q-tips, Clinique moisturizer.
Middle drawer: FREE STUFF! In the front I’ve got a little clear three tray organizer that I got for $2.99 at Target. It was in the organization section with all the plastic things, I can’t find it online. I also have some extra things, like an old Hard Candy palette (the first thing I ever ordered from Sephora!) and a Hello Kitty eyelash curler from Target that I’m a little afraid to try.
Bottom drawer: I’ve got my collection of Soft Lips and lipsticks in the other three-section tray. In the back is another large palette my mom got me for Christmas, a couple extra eyeshadows I don’t wear/are doubles, another brush set and all that free skin care stuff.
I’ve had that new storage container for a couple weeks now, and I’m still excited to sit down and do my makeup every morning. Not as excited to get out of bed, or to go to work.

With the help of a few drawers and baskets, I finally got my makeup organized.  I still would like a small table to sit things on while I actually get ready in the mornings, but that’s still a work in progress.  In the top two baskets one is devoted to extra mascaras, lipsticks, lip glosses, and lip pencils while the other is devoted to extra blushes. Inside the cabinet is my everyday makeup basket. Everything I use daily is there. I also house my Stila Color Wheel, MAC Palettes, Urban Decay Book of Shadows and Naked Palette in that cabinet. Eye Shadows, samples, and other randomness are stored in the drawers.  I did get my handy dandy coconut for all of my brushes. It works quite well.
Want to see anything in more detail? Or do you have any storage tips? Let us know!

Red & Pants

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