Friday Poll Results-Splurge!

27 Sep

The poll results are in and it seems that the item you love to  splurge on is mascara.

Here is what we splurge on.


Mascara is one thing I don’t typically splurge on. I normally just use a drug store brand. When I want to splurge I usually do so on eyeshadows and palettes.  I can’t resist sparkly pretty eye colors. It’s definitely a weakness of mine.  Recently I splurged on the Urban Decay Book of Shadows Volume III. It was well worth it! I’ve been having so much fun in the mornings putting together different eye looks with the Book of Shadows.  Today I’m wearing one of the purple colors and I LOVE it!


Like Red, I don’t typically splurge on mascara. I usually only use pricey ones when I have a free sample.  My most recent splurge was also the Urban Decay Book of Shadows III. And like Red, I’m really loving mixing the colors every morning. I’m an eyeshadow girl, and if you add bright colors and sparkles, it’s hard for me to resist.

But that’s no fun for me to have the same splurge, so I’ll pick out another recent item. I guess the most recent splurge would be a makeup brush – the Tarina Tarantino Kapinki Brush.

I basically bought this to “complete the set.” I already had the Tarina Tarantino Fuscia Revolution Brush Set, so I needed this little guy too. I’m glad I splurged though because this brush is so much softer and thicker than the Sephora version (which I can’t find online, but they make a pink bristled kabuki). I use this brush for blush, and it’s great because it always looks clean since it’s the same color as my blush! Win-win. I’m always going for the win-win.

What items have you ladies recently splurged on?


Red & Pants


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