Poll Results – Mascara

20 Sep

On Friday we asked you ladies how much are you willing to pay for mascara, and the results are pretty much how we feel – inconclusive. We had one vote for each category except $1-$5.

We might mention a lot of “high end” cosmetics on here, but we’re not makeup snobs. We like “drug store” cosmetics too. Obviously, the biggest difference in these products is the price. One of our readers, Kate, pointed out an interesting article that focused on the high markup on cosmetics. Basically it explains that high end cosmetics cost more because of all the marketing and fancy packaging. Also, some companies like to trick women into thinking that more expensive products mean they’re better. Another interesting item in the article is that there’s no law in place that can stop cosmetics from printing that they’re “natural,” “organic,” and “hypoallergenic,” even if they’re not.

When buying makeup, don’t pay attention to claims. The best advice is to avoid listening to what the company says about their products, and to listen to what others say – magazine reviews, blogs and YouTube are great sources to hear about how well products really work.

As for the price, we love our drug store makeup, and we love our department store makeup. If you’re not comfortable paying $18 for an eyeshadow, then don’t! Find a brand that has a formula that you like, and stick with your favorites. Price doesn’t determine the quality of makeup in all cases. But I can guarantee that OPI is going to stay on your nails longer than Bon-Bons. But does that mean Nars’ $25 blush is better than Avon’s $8 blush? Not necessarily, but we love the color and sparkle of our Nars blushes, and that’s why we buy them.

We’ve just discovered a new makeup guru on Youtube that does a lot of reviews on the drug store brands. She’s adorable and has her own makeup room – jealous! Check out Beauty Broadcast on Youtube and her blog.

Anyway, here are our favorite mascaras in the different price ranges.


Pants’ Pick – Maybelline Great Lash Mascara ($4.24 at Walmart)

Maybelline’s Great Lash Mascara may be the most recognizable out there with its iconic pink and green tube. And there’s a reason – it’s a great mascara at a great price. And according to Maybelline’s website, it’s won several reader’s choice awards over the last few years.

Red’s Pick – Maybelline Volum’ Express The Falsies Mascara ($4.49 at Walgreens)

I have talked about this mascara before.  I happen to think that it really does give you that false eye lash look. It also comes in an awesomely purple tube which I LOVE!


Pants’ Pick – Cover Girl Lashblast Luxe ($7.28 at Walmart)

Cover Girl Lashblast Luxe is my current favorite that I’ve been using for the last year or so. I go in phases with mascara. I went through a phase where I liked the natural look and used a mascara that just gave a little bit of color. I wish I could remember what kind it was, because it was a great to give lashes a little color and length without looking like “HEY I’M WEARING MASCARA!”  I love Lashblast Luxe because the big brush makes it easy to build up coverage without clumping. Plus, it has a little bit of sparkle. It doesn’t clump or flake at all.

Red’s Pick – L’oreal Double Extend Mascara ($8.99 at Target)

This is my go to mascara. I love love LOVE this stuff. You put on the primer and then the actual mascara. Once this stuff is on it doesn’t come off unless you use warm soapy water. It gives you great thick and long looking lashes.


Pants’ Pick – Clinique High Impact Mascara ($14 from Clinique)

This is another free sample that has impressed me. Although the brush is smaller than I like, the bristles are really good about separating lashes. Again, with this one I have no issues with clumping or flaking. And I touch my eyes all day due to allergies and contacts that attract debris like a magnet – so not flaking is very important to me.


Pant’s Pick – Tarina Tarantino Fleur De Lash ($19 at Sephora)

I wanted to try this after seeing Tarina on QVC. They kept applying layers of mascara and it didn’t clump at all. Plus, I’ve been really happy with all the other Tarina Tarantino products I’ve tried. I got a trial size from Sephora, and I love it so far. Fleur De Lash has a large, thick brush. At first, I thought these types of brushes were messier, but I really think they make it easier to apply mascara to the entire section of lashes at once. It applies smoothly with no clumps, has a great dark black color and doesn’t flake. I’ve also noticed a theme that all my mascaras are in pink tubes… I think that’s a good sign.

Red’s Pick – Buxom Lash Mascara ($18 from Sephora)

I’ve never bought this mascara, bought have received numerous samples from Sephora. Each time I do, I’m always so excited. This mascara goes on effortlessly and makes your lashes look gorgeous!

$20 and up

Pants’ Pick – Lancome Définicils ($24.50 from Lancome)

I don’t think I’ve actually ever bought this mascara because I usually get the mini samples when I buy my tinted moisturizer and makeup remover. It has great coverage and really makes lashes look long and thick, without any clumping or flakes.

Red’s Pick – Christian Dior Diorshow Shadow ($24 from Sephora)

The thing that makes this mascara so great is the brush.  It really coats your lashes without any of those annoying clumps.

What are your favorite mascaras? Are there any great ones we haven’t tried yet?


Red & Pants

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