It’s in the bag

14 Sep

Both of us Glimmer & Shimmer ladies went on trips this weekend – Red on an exotic getaway to Washington, DC, and Pants to Pittsburgh for a business trip. Yeah, we’re pretty exciting.

Since we both just happened to have our makeup bags packed for trips, we’ve decided to share what’s in our bags.


I’m trying out a new makeup bag. This one came free with some set, just like my old one, but it’s got a lot more space. It’s not that I need more space to pack more, but it was hard to pack my Naked Palette in the old one with everything else.

When it comes to packing, less is more. Especially when I’m alone – I don’t want to carry any more than I have to. That’s why trial sized items are AMAZING! More space, less weight!

Here’s a list of the items in my bag:

My makeup remover is in another bag, so I forgot to put it in the picture. I think the Qtip and cotton round cases are the best things ever. If you don’t have them protected, they get fluffy after being exposed to moisture. Plus, I guess they’re more sanitary if you’re into that type of thing. Pffff….

I found both of those cases for $1 at either Walmart or Target in the travel size sections. And they’re refillable! The Qtip case came in pink, purple, blue and green. I love me some color options, so I was all over that. In fact, I bought a blue one at Target because I thought that’s all they came in. But when I was visiting my parents I found the green one at Walmart. I gave my mom the blue one.

I prefer to bring a palette when I travel so that I have a lot of options, and they’re all in one place. Since this is a work trip, I didn’t pack any fun colors. If I was going on a fun trip, the contents of my bag definitely would have been different.


I found this handy dandy bag from target that has storage for your makeup brushes as well as all of your makeup.  I have been using it as an every day bag, but I’m working on my storage situation to get away from using a bag daily, but I digress. This bag happens to pack nicely and doesn’t take up a lot of room, all the while allowing me to bring all of the brushes I use daily with me. Like Pants I prefer to bring a palette with me when traveling.

Here’s a list of items in my bag:

The makeup brushes that I use are Eco Tools.  I also keep my moisturizer, eye cream, makeup remover, q-tips, and cotton-balls in a separate bag with other toiletries.

Any questions about items in our bags? Do you have any fun/handy items in your bag?


Red & Pants


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