Poll Results – Urban Decay palettes

13 Sep

Well, well, well, it looks like we have a clear winner this week. The Naked Palette had 57% of votes.

The Black Palette came in second and the Book of Shadows Vol. III finished in third place.

At G&S we agree with you – we both have the Naked Palette and bought it the day it became available on Sephora‘s website. It’s a great palette – everyone loves browns and neutral shades. They’re easy to wear, easy to mix and you can get so many different looks. Plus $44 is an awesome deal for 12 full-size shadows.

Red and I have been eyeing the Book of Shadows Vol. III for a while. I saw Urban Decay announce on Facebook the day that it was going to be released and immediately texted Red. I considered buying it, but I had just bought a bunch of makeup. For $54, you get 16 shadows, 2 eyeliners and a primer potion.

I kind of wanted to order it, but I couldn’t justify it because there are only seven new shadows, and nine others that are in other palettes or can be purchased alone. ┬áPlus, I already have the Deluxe Shadow Box, which has nine bright shadows.

I kept going back and forth thinking about it, leaning toward, “I don’t really need it,” and then the palette sold out. But Red got it! So I’m going to check out hers and decide whether or not I really do it when Sephora releases it.

I did decide to buy The Black Palette. A friend got me a Sephora gift card for my birthday and I used that as an excuse for buying the palette. I don’t buy black eyeshadows, and I don’t have too many dark shadows that aren’t brown. I decided it was time to get out of my comfort zone and go for some darker colors.

I don’t have this palette yet, or I could probably say a lot more about it. It’s scheduled to arrive Tuesday! Unfortunately, I’m out of town on a work trip till Friday… The plus side is that I’m pretty close to a Sephora now, so I may decide to go buy some more stuff I don’t need this week.

Since I don’t have the palette yet, and I feel I need to give you SOMETHING, here’s a blog that has swatches of the palette, and the writer basically says I’m a big dumdum for buying the Black Palette instead of the Book of Shadows. Oh well.

And for funsies, here’s a blog with the Book of Shadows Vol. III swatches – Vex in the City – and for the Naked Palette – Temptalia.

The Naked Palette is win-win. You’re going to like and be able to wear most, if not all, of the colors. The other two palettes depend on your taste and may be something you’d want to see in person first. I’m sure we’ll give our reviews on them as soon as we get them.

Are swatches helpful when you’re deciding to buy makeup? Would you like to see us do swatches on our arms or try out the shades on our eyes? Let us know!


Red & Pants

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