Ice cream and cakey cake! It’s Pants Day!

8 Sep

In celebration of Pants’ birthday (which is today, if you hadn’t caught on), we’re going to focus on some cupcake themed cosmetics.

It seems most cupcake themed makeup is made for the lips (perhaps because cupcakes are so delicious!). Here are some lip glosses and lipsticks we’ve found:

Too Faced Lip of Luxury in Cupcake

Duwop Lipmousse in Cupcake

Sephora Sweet Candy Gloss in Vanilla Cupcake (Finally, one that isn’t “rose!” PS, vanilla cupcakes are Pants’ favorite.)

bareMinerals Lip Gloss in Cupcake

Philosophy has a lot of different cupcake and cake scented items. Here are a few of our picks:

Red Velvet Cake Lip Shine

Vanilla Birthday Cake Lip Shine

The Birthday Party!

This set includes shampoo, body wash and bubble bath in Vanilla Birthday Cake, Strawberry Ice Cream and Chocolate Frosting.

We found one lone cupcake eyeshadow by bareMinerals.

Not into makeup? Then first of all, why are you here, creeper? Second of all, then you probably clip your fingernails, right? Oh, you bite them off? And eat them? You would. Well, for the more civilized readers, here is a cupcake nail kit – it’s currently out of stock on Modcloth, where it’s available cheaper, but if you’re impatient, you can get it at Paper-Source.

How about a pretty polish to go with that cupcake nail kit? Cupcake by Orly as part of their most fabulous Sugar Coated Collection is a perfect choice.

And you need something to keep all that pretty makeup in, so why not get a cupcake makeup case? This one is available at Etsy from DoDoDesigns.

And you can’t forget about your brushes – they need a delicious home as well. This brush roll is also from Etsy, sold by asoftblackstar.

All this cupcake talk is starting to make us crave some buttercream frosting… Sure hope the birthday girl can score some cupcakes!


Red & Pants


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