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7 Sep

According to Friday’s poll, a majority of you ladies store your makeup in a makeup bag (or bags if you’re like us). Makeup bags have advantages, such as when you need to pack, you’re already packed. However, it can also make it harder to find what you’re looking for, and your compacts start to destroy each other because of all that clanking around you do every morning. Storage is an issue. Trust us, we know.

Let’s face it – we Glimmer and Shimmer girls are up to our eyeballs in makeup.  Pants has her makeup up a little more organized than I do.  I have makeup bags, a drawer, and a bathroom shelf full of amazingness. I just wish I could have all of my amazingness in one place, so I wouldn’t have to do an archaeological dig every morning while getting ready.  One of my challenges is I don’t have a large bathroom or a vanity. It would be lovely if I could find a little table  to put my makeup on while getting ready, but the key is little. So far I’ve had no luck in finding such a table.

Here is what my makeup disorganization looks like. These are pictures of my master half bath. Yeah, I didn’t even know such a thing existed.

This is what I would love, love, LOVE to have – a container of some sorts to house all of my brushes and little container/drawer or something of the sorts for everything else. I don’t know if anyone else has noticed, but all three of those cra cra Kardashian sisters have a great set of  drawers called the Clear Cube.

I don’t know about all of you, but I can’t justify $275 on makeup storage. Makeup maybe, but not storage. I found some more affordable drawers here that come in a couple of different sizes as well as a flip top option.

If you had space for it, I think something like this would be great.

For my space I think I’m going to go with two of these:

Now I need something to store my brushes in. I think I’d like to use a cute vase or mug.

Maybe something like this:

or this:

Pants’ Organization Tips

I once had the same issue as Red – my makeup was everywhere. I had three makeup bags and a mini Caboodle. In the “main” makeup bag I had the stuff I wore everyday, like my tinted moisturizer, mascara and brown eyeshadows. In “the other” makeup bag was all of my other, more fun makeup. If I bought a green eyeshadow, it went into “the other” makeup bag. I also had a smaller bag for my brushes and q-tips. The mini Caboodle contained makeup I bought in high school – a pressed powder that was never the right color for my skin, Mary Kate & Ashley brand glittery eyeliner, the free eyeshadow palette I got for renewing 17 magazine. Don’t worry, that’s all been trashed.

One day I decided to go through my things. I had so many eyeshadows that I had forgotten about. When I wanted to use them, I would have to search through all sorts of makeup bags. It was a pain. The mornings are already annoying and I didn’t need something else to slow me down and make me late for work. I decided I needed everything in one place. I went to Target on a mission. I left with… The Beast (aka a Caboodles Stylist train case).

The Beast has six trays that are staggered when opened, and a huge bottom compartment.

(If you’re nosy like me, you can click on the photo to enlarge it and snoop. I’ve got things piled on top of each other in there.)

I’ve got tools/brushes and my everyday items in the top two trays. The second and third rows of trays are all eyeshadows, which I’ve tried to divide by brand. In the bottom is all my lip glosses, palettes and large brushes.

After I bought this, I was so excited to do my makeup every morning. Well, as excited as I could get considering that I’m not a morning person and I pretty much hate the world until 11 a.m. Plus, I like to do my makeup in natural lighting, so I sit on the floor by my window with a full length mirror. My Caboodle stays right beside my dresser by the window so I barely have to move it a foot each morning.

Having everything in one place where it’s easy to see helps you utilize everything. You don’t forget about that great gray eyeshadow you bought two months ago because you’ll see it everyday. Also, I’ve noticed since I stopped storing stuff in makeup bags, my compacts stay in better condition and don’t crack. You don’t toss a huge train case onto the bed. Well, OK, maybe if you’re crazy you do.

If you don’t have 800 eyeshadows like me, Caboodles makes smaller train cases that come in cute patterns. Sephora also has some train cases, including a super cute pink one, but they cost a lot more – in the $90 and up range. My Caboodle was around $40 (and worth every penny).

What I WISH I could use is this amazing vanity that I got for free four years ago when I was moving. My mom and I drove past this house that had a nice painting in a pile of junk, then we saw the vanity. We weren’t sure if it was sitting there waiting to be moved, so we asked if it was trash, and the owner said yes. You better believe she and I snatched that thing up. Since I don’t have room to use it as an actual vanity, it’s been my TV stand for four years.

It’s my dream one day to repaint it and to use it as it was intended. The middle section opens up and there’s a huge mirror in there.

If space wasn’t an object (or money for that matter), I think I might like one of these guys as well:

Train cases aren’t for everyone. If you have a large bathroom sink area, a spinning organizer might be for you. This one from QVC measures 10 inches high by 11 inches wide.

If space is an issue, a hanging cosmetic bag might be the best type of storage. Make sure to get the kind with the clear pockets, and then get a hook to go on your bathroom door (or the door closest to where you put on your makeup). Then you can hang it up and see everything, and when you need to pack to go on a trip, BOO-YA, makeup is already packed, fool. You can even find some where the compartments detach if you only want one small section. This is a great alternative to the makeup bag, because it’s a makeup bag with compartments.

If none of these things work for you, check out the organization section Target/Kmart/Walmart/Ikea. Find a container with clear drawers that fits your size requirements. The two keys are keep everything together and keep everything in your sight.

Do you have any storage tips or tricks?


Red & Pants


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