Friday Poll Results – Nail Color

30 Aug

The poll results are in and the nail polish colors of choice are nudes.  Nude colors have their time and place, perhaps a job interview, a wedding, or if you have a cooking show.

Us Glimmer and Shimmer girls happen to think nude nail colors are BORING. We tend to go for something a little more vibrant.  No worries though, we do occasionally wear nude colors so here are our favorites.

Pants’ Favorite nudes: I have to be in the mood to want to wear nail polish. It’s a lot of work, and I’m lazy. So because of that, when I’m in the mood for polish, I want a purple or a green or a big glittery mess. However, on a rare occasion I do like a nice, nude nail.

When this happens I use Sheer Nude from ORLY’s French Manicure line.

Now, just because it says French manicure, that doesn’t mean I use to give myself a French manicure. Remember, I’m LAZY. However, the reason I love this color is that because it’s a sheer, pale peach, it makes it look like I have a French manicure because my white tips peek through (That’s what she said?).

Since I don’t wear polish much, I try to keep my naturally nude nails looking nice. To do so, I take the time every couple weeks to give myself a manicure. I use a three-way buffer to get rid of ridges and give my nails a natural shine. You can find these anywhere from the drug store, Walmart, Avon, Sally’s Beauty Supply, whereevs. By using a buffer, my nails naturally look like I’m wearing clean polish.

I actually prefer a set of buffers where each file/piece does a different thing. Sometimes it’s hard to use the buff file when it’s right next to the smooth one – you might scratch the nail by smoothing it when you’re really trying to buff it. The set I use has an individual file for each: #1 Clean, #2 Condition and #3 Shine. I would love to share what kind I have with you, but I can’t the brand name anywhere and I can’t find them online. I promise they were less than $5 for the set at Walmart.

Curved buffers work well too, like this one from Ms. Manicure. When they’re curved, it’s slightly easier to rub it across you nail for hours, and hours, and hours. OK, fine, like 20 times.

Red’s Favorite Nudes:

I rarely have time to paint my nails anymore. Being a new mom makes that pretty difficult. When I do have time I like to go all out with a big POW of color.  When I do want something with a little less pow, I go with Essie’s Ballet Slippers. Just because I’m a dancer isn’t the only reason that I’m drawn to this color. It’s a nice light pink shade.  It gives the illusion of a french manicure without all of the work. Pants isn’t the only lazy one around here.

Another one of my go to nude shades Bubble Bath by OPI.  I actually wore this color on my wedding day! Rachel Zoe has recommended this color as well. You can never go wrong with taking Rachel Zoe’s advice.

Although we weren’t sure if you girls were fans of nude colors or nekkid nails, we tried our best to address both. If you have any questions or shades you want to share, please comment below!


Red & Pants


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