Fall Nail Colors

25 Aug

It’s getting to be that time of year again where we switch out the bright colors of summer to the darker colors of fall.

Red’s Favorites:

I have three colors I absolutely love and are heavily used in my fall/winter nail looks.  The first is Lincoln Park After Dark by OPI. It’s a fabulous dark purple that is so dark it almost looks black.

The second is I’m with Brad by Sephora by OPI.  I love a dark burgundy for fall, and I’m with Brad is the perfect shade of burgundy.

The third is Up All Night by China Glaze.  I think there is nothing more classy and chic than a navy nail.  This polish is a great shade of navy that has the right amount of shimmer to it.

Now a color I haven’t tried, but plan on adding to my fall color palette very soon is Sephora by OPI in Dating the Drummer.  It’s a very shimmery walnut color.

Pants’ Favorites

Like Red, I prefer the darker colors in the fall and winter. My current personal favorite is OPI for Sephora’s Teal We Meet Again. It’s the perfect teal to wear all year. It’s not blindingly bright, but has a rich, deep dark teal with some sparkle in it. The picture below doesn’t do it any justice. When you have it on in the sunlight, you get flecks of blue and green – it has a lot of dimension.

Also featured in the photo above is Just A Little Dangerous, also by OPI for Sephora. Purples are great for winter. This color is a dark purple, again with a bit of shimmer to it. I love the look of dark nails, and I’d rather go dark purple than black. This polish would look great with pretty much everything, especially since plums are going to be the big “in” color this season. But really, has purple ever been out of style?

OPI also has a couple colors in its Fall/Winter Swiss 2010 Collection that I have my eye on and might need to add to my collection. You can’t tell much from the photos on OPI’s website, which is why I always search for nail polish blogs when deciding between which colors to buy.

That’s right, a nail polish blog. There are blogs devoted solely to showing what the colors look like in the bottle compared to on the nails in indoor light and sunlight. It’s the best way to see how the colors are going to look if you don’t want to try to sneak and try it on in the store.

The blog All Lacquered Up features all the polishes in the fall/winter collection.

The stand out for me is Cuckoo for This Color. Green is my favorite color, and so many times you’ll see polishes in lime. I don’t want lime green nails, I want deep, emerald greens. It also has micro glitter, so it’s a win-win.

Yodel Me On My Cell also catches my eye – really, anything in the blue or green family, I love.

Glitzerland is just a simple gold glitter, but it would definitely go with everything. It would especially be great for holiday (or birthday!) parties.

You might have a few more weeks to wear corals and hot pinks on your tootsies, but we won’t tell if you’re still wearing them at Halloween.


Pants & Red

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