Ask Glimmer Shimmer – Mosaic Style Blush/Powder

23 Aug

Recently, Glimmer and Shimmer received a question on our Facebook page from Plum.  She asked:

Dear Red & Pants,
I have never understood the idea behind the mosaic style blush/powder. For example, there is a picture of one of these multi-color products by Smashbox in your Fall 2010 Collection post (Aug. 19). Do you have any insight?


Plum, of course we have insight!  The idea behind the mosaic style products is that the more colors that comprise the product the more depth and dimension you have.  It’s the same reason that makeup artists layer and layer on eye colors.  As the light hits your face different colors will pop here and there for a very pretty look.

Keep the questions coming! You can ask us questions through Facebook, Twitter, E-mail or the comment sections of our posts!


Red & Pants

One Response to “Ask Glimmer Shimmer – Mosaic Style Blush/Powder”

  1. Plum August 23, 2010 at 10:16 pm #

    Thanks! And what a quick response! xo

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