Makin’ lemonade out of bad purchases

18 Aug

We’ve all had makeup purchases we’ve regretted. Something that looked cool in the store and didn’t look right on us or something we’ve ordered online and wasn’t what we expected. They’ve been sitting in our makeup bags just collecting dust, but we can’t part with them because… Well, who knows why? Maybe because we’re hoarders, maybe because the product was expensive-ish. Either way, we’ve decided to pick out one of our purchases we’ve regretted and ask each other how to, in the words of Tim Gunn, make it work.

Pants’ abandoned product: Urban Decay eyeshadow in Gunmetal

Sephora described this color as gunmetal gray with silver glitter. Well, I was expecting it to be like Underground, with very small glitter. What I was looking for was a metallic medium gray, maybe slightly darker, with some shimmer. I definitely didn’t a silver. What I got was a dark gray with big pieces of silver glitter. This is one of those situations where since what I wanted was so specific, I should have bought it in person instead of online.

I think because I was so initially disappointed, I’ve never gotten over it and haven’t worn this shadow.

Red’s Suggestions For Pants:

Even though this eyeshadow isn’t exactly what you had in mind it still is a really pretty color.  The best thing about it is the sparkle. You could layer it over a dark purple eyeliner for a very sparkly look.  It would also be very charming in a mixed metals look.  Take Urban Decay’s Naked Palette and mix it with Smog and Half Baked.  I also think it would be great in the outer corner of your eye over a darker shadow.

For what you were originally looking for perhaps try these instead:

Red’s abandoned product: MAC’s eyeshadow in Sumptuous Olive

I recently purchased one of Mac’s Eyeshadow Pro-Palette’s. I’ve been slowly working on adding friendly colors to my palette so I won’t have to pack eleventy billion things when I travel.  Also,  I love having so many eyeshadow choices.  I chose Sumptuous Olive  because I’ve been wanting a super shimmery (of course!) intense greenish eyeshadow.  I have hazel eyes and think such a color would really make them pop.  What I ended up with was more brown than green.  It’s still a pretty color and I do wear it occasionally, it’s just not what I had in mind. Shiny green is what I want!

Pants’ suggestion for Red:
I think you could still do a green shadow look with this. Use it on the lid up to the crease, then get a brighter green in the crease, and blend, blend, blend! If the green is still bright, apply some more of the Sumptuous Olive on top and blend again to make it more subtle.

It’s kind of like the same steps for a smokey eye. This is what I like to do with teals and other bright colors that just don’t look right on the lid. You’ve got a neutral on the lid, and a pop of color in the crease!

Here are some shimmery green suggestions:

If you have any makeup purchases you regret and want some advice on how to use the product, send us an e-mail!


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