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Poll results – What product can you not live without at this point in time?

18 Oct

We asked Friday what product you’re relying on currently – the results ended with a tie between concealer and dark nail polish.

Pants has been wearing dark polish as part of her Halloween nail look. Look at those little nubs!

She started with a coat of It’s Alive by China Glaze, then a coat of Ghoulish Glow by China Glaze on top of that. That’s the glow in the dark polish, and yes, it really glows bright. It’s not clear, but it makes the polish under it have a kind of frosted look – slightly lighter. Then on top is one layer of OPI Black Shatter and a top coat.

Red has been sporting dark polish as well. Her current favorite is Carry On by Essie.

Tell us, what concealer or dark polish are currently your favorites?


Red & Pants

September Favies

11 Oct

October has went and got all Speedracer up in here. It’s not allowed to go by so fast. We know it’s further in the month, but we still want to share our September favorites with you.


Essie’s Nail Polish in Lady Like ($8, – This polish is from Essie’s fall collection. It also happens to have been inspired by the amazing Kate Middleton. I have worn this for most of the month. I love love LOVE it and just cannot choose a different color.

Lorac’s San Tropez Palette ($14, – I picked up this adorable palette from Hautelook. I love the lace compact, but also love the amazing neutral colors. I have turned to this palette time and time again for so many pretty day looks. Unfortunately, it was available for a limited time only on Hautelook and does not seem to available anywhere else.

NP Set lipstick in Denver ($16, – I know I know I know. I’ve mentioned this lipstick a million times recently. I can’t help it though, it is too amazeballz. It’s the perfect creamy, shiny, nude shade and I use it every day. Every. Day. That’s why it’s a favorite. Seriously, you should check it out.


Pinkus ($free, local vet) – Someone likes to come in and nose around my makeup lately. She wanted to help me pick out my favorites for September.

Sigma 12-Brush Kit in Make Me Cool ($99, – I’ve been wanting these brushes since they came out right before Christmas last year. Somehow I held off on buying them, and the birthday fairy brought them to me last month. I LOVE these. They’re soft, and work so well. I love the variety of the eye brushes, and the case is great for travel – I don’t have to worry about crushing my large powder brush.

Tarte Amazonian Clay Shimmering Powder ($30, – I have been wearing this highlighter everyday since I got it. It adds a nice hint of gold to my cheeks and lasts all day. I actually got mine as part of the Tarte Radiant & Rested: Volume II Universal Complexion & Color Collection, which is where I also got the…

Tarte LipSurgence Natural Lip Luster in Sweet ($42, exclusive to the Radiant & Rested kit at Sephora) – This lip color is a goldy pink, and has a great mint smell. It reminds me of Clinique’s Chubby Sticks. I’ve never tried any Tarte products until I got this kit and the Amazonian clay blush in Tipsy, and these definitely did not disappoint.

Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-hour Blush in Tipsy ($25, – I bought this the same time as the Radiant & Rested kit. I had wanted to try these blushes, and I also wanted a coral blush. LOVE. THIS. BLUSH. It has great staying power, and it’s super pigmented. You have to use a light hand – I’m very pale and went a little overboard the first time I tried it. I want this blush in every color. I actually recently bought Exposed, the nude color, and have a feeling it’s going to be on my October favorites list.

What were your September favorites?


Red & Pants

Poll Results – What type of nails do you prefer?

12 Sep

Well it is without a doubt that our readers along with us prefer short square nails. They look so classy and chic. You can paint them any color, and decorate them anyway without them looking atrocious.  Speaking of nail decorating, The Beauty Department posted an AH-mazing tutorial for half moon nails. Red has been sporting this look. It’s so easy to do!

Here are a couple of polishes that we are absolutely loving right now:


Essie’s Nail Polish in Lady Like - This color is from their fall collection and was actually inspired by Kate Middleton. Do you really need more of an explaination than that? Well in case you do, it is an amazing dusty rose color. It is perfect for pale skinned girls like myself.


Dive Bar by Essie – I wanted a dark nail polish to wear with my bright green birthday dress this weekend. I was thinking navy would look nice and not too matchy matchy. This color was perfect – it’s navy with turquoise/purple shimmer. Depending on the angle you look at it, the shimmer changes between turquoise and purple.  Dive bar is what you’d get if you shoved a peacock into a bottle of nail polish. This is a great transition color from summer to fall.

Obviously we’re both addicted to Essie. But it’s so easy to find (we’ve found it at Walmart, Target, Kmart, CVS and Rite Aid!), and it seems to last longer than other brands we’ve tried. It is a little more expensive than, say Sally Hansen or other drug store brands, but it’s still cheaper than high end brands like OPI (which is usually around $9) or Butter London ($14 a pop). Essie is usually around $8, and Rite Aid sometimes has it on sale for buy one, get one 50% off!

What colors do you think look great on short nails?


Red & Pants

Pants’ Day is comin’ up…

1 Sep

It’s almost that time of year again… That’s right, Pants’ birthday is just days away! (Mark your calendars, it’s September 8!)

Like last year, Pants will share with you her makeup wishlist!


1 – Escada Taj Sunset - I talked about this in my favorite fragrance post. I only have the mini travel spray, and I’ve already used a lot of it. I’m gonna need a bigger bottle because I love this citrusy fragrance so much. Like I’ve complained before, it’s limited edition, so I gotta stock up before it’s gone.

2 – Too Faced Matte Eyeshadow Collection – It’s no secret that I love me some Too Faced palettes. I have the Natural Eye, Naked Eye and the Romantic palette. My collection is mostly shimmery colors, so it would be nice to have a matte set because they look great in the crease, and sometimes I just want a matte eye.

3 – Sigma Dry’n Shape System – I asked the birthday fairy for some new makeup brushes. And in order to take care of them properly, I need this product so the brushes will keep their shape after cleaning!

4 – Tarte Glow Your Way to Gorgeous 8-Piece Collection - Tarte is one brand that I always look at every time I go to Sephora or Ulta, but surprisingly, I don’t have any Tarte products. This needs to change immediately. I really love the Amazonian Clay 12-hour wear blushes, but can’t decide on a color. I think this kit would be a great way to try out the brand.

5 – Urban Decay Book of Shadows Vol. IV (available in September) – I have a weakness for Urban Decay products. I want everything they make – the liquid liners, cream blushes, lip glosses – all of it. Originally I wasn’t too interested in this collection. I think the whole speaker thing is kind of stupid. I would much rather the set include a lip gloss or another eyeliner. But there are a lot of eyeshadows in this that I don’t have… So way to go, Urban Decay. You made me want more eyeshadows that I don’t need.

Red’s Birthday Picks for Pants:

Too Faced In Your Dreams Makeup Collection (available soon)Pants may have mentioned above that she loves Too Faced palettes. This one happens to be GOR-GEOUS! Eyeshadows, blushes, and lip glosess, yes please! I think this is a must have for her collection.

Essie Nail Polish in Trophy Wife – This is Pants’ color. Why she doesn’t have it yet, I don’t know? She NEEDS this in her life ASAP!

Tarte NeutralEYES Natural Eyeshadow Palette – This palette is absolutely adorable! The colors are absolutely perfect for creating any amazeballz look.

Pants would also like cupcakes for her birthday. And hugs. And sparkles.

Tell us, do you have any fun picks for Pants?


Red & Pants

Transition Polish

10 Aug

With the end of summer creeping up on us, we have already started thinking about switching up our nail colors.  In the summer, bold bright colors are the way to go and in the fall you can never go wrong with deep muted colors.  What do you wear when you transition from summer to fall? Here are our picks!


Essie’s Lilacism ($8,

Purple is a color that is always in. I think a pastel lilac like Essie’s Lilacism would be an extremely pretty color to transition into fall. It’s not so bright and punchy as a color I would pick for summer, but it’s not as dark as I would go for fall/winter either.

Orly’s Lucky Duck ($7.50,

I love to pick colors that are a little unexpected for the seasons. That’s why I fell in love with this amazing green. It’s so vibrant and shimmery it couldn’t help but make a perfect entrance into fall.


Essie Chinchilly ($8,

Gray is my favorite neutral. It’s been taking over my closet lately. Chinchilly is a great gray for all year because it’s not too dark, or too light. This color is definitely a staple.

Sephora by OPI’s What’s Your Poison ($9.50, Sephora)

This color is B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L. It’s a glittery cranberry, and I go straight for it every time I’ve been in a Sephora to stare at it. It’s a fun color and it’s deeper so it doesn’t look too summery.

Got any Fall nail color suggestions for us?


Red & Pants


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